Mangroves make you happy? Of course they do!

Mangroves make you happy? Of course they do!

The whole world is doing Black Friday, half of it is watching it but just a few use this day to – apart from trading goods – really make a difference.

For us as a sustainable brand, however, one thing is crystal clear: We at Nuffinz definitely want to be among the latter! 


So we let our heads smoke and thought about how we could get both under one roof in Black Week 2021: To give you something – AND to make a difference at the same time. And as it was such a success last year we will repeat our mangroves planting project in 2021. So Black Week at Nuffinz goes like this:

You get 20% off everything Plus: on top we plant a mangrove at Kitesurfing Lanka in Sri Lanka!

One might ask: Why do we plant mangroves? And why especially in Sri Lanka? The answer is very simple:

Because Kitesurfing Lanka, in the north of the island, is our second home base! The reason: We at Nuffinz are enthusiastic kitesurfers. And when we landed at Kitesurfing Lanka for the first time some years ago, it was the beginning of a long lasting friendship and passion that lasts until today. 

It was there we took our first steps with Nuffinz, won our first Ambassadors, did our first photo and product shootings. To make a long story short: at Kitesurfing Lanka a lot of very important things started for us – and that still continues till today. Last but not least we are deeply connected with the country, the people and the fabulous nature there. 

To see what we are doing in Sri Lanka, especially at Kitesurfing Lanka: 

Dilsiri Welikala and Leo Moret, the two founders of Kitesurfing Lanka, are also not only kitesurfing crazy people but also environmentalists. Mangroves play a big role in their world – of course in Sri Lanka in general but also in Kitesurfing Lanka. 

"Mangroves are among the most valuable coastal ecosystems. They provide habitats for all kinds of marine fauna and flora and serve as breeding and nesting places for fish and other small marine creatures”.

“Mangrove systems protect young marine life, filter the water from pollution and serve as a barrier between water and land. We from Kitesurfing Lanka are aware of the importance of mangroves. Therefore we plant new mangroves within our Kite Green Initiative, rehabilitate the degraded ones and ensure their survival. We try to create a big mangrove planting day every few months".

Well, dear Nuffinz friends: We want this year to be also successful again concerning mangrove planting. Therefore: Join in and support our goal of loading a truck with 300 mangroves and planting them in Kitesurfing Lanka! 

This not only helps the environment in Sri Lanka, but also has a direct impact on one of the most beautiful kite spots in the world: Kitesurfing Lanka. The mangroves protect this area from wind, breakwaters and storms; but also the local flora and fauna with its breathtaking wildlife right in front of the door. 

How can you help? Simply give away a little luck at our GREEN WEEK until 29th of November.

With every Nuffinz purchase within the Black Week/Green Week, we'll plant there for you a mangrove in Sri Lanka. Isn't this MAN, GROOVY!?

Anyway, we say thank THANK YOU!


your Nuffinz Team

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