Video Creators

How to create your video in 2 steps!

To get you started, we've summarized all the important criteria for you to successfully create your first video in just a few steps.

1. STEP (Videos)

Film yourself in the selfie perspective. It's up to you whether you just want to stand still or move. Speak various sentences that you can easily remember.

2. STEP (Images)

Show yourself in your Nuffinz SHORTS: at home, in the garden, at work, on vacation. Where you feel most comfortable and your Nuffinz moment occurs. This is all about the pictures. You can place your camera anywhere or have someone else shooting you. And you can be funny too ;)!



    - Nuffinz parts should be highly visible and the center of attention.
    - Please combine your Nuffinz products only with basics and no other recognizable brands.
    - Please do not use strong filters to preserve the true colors of the garment.

  • TEXT

    3-4 sentences about why you like the brand and when you like to wear Nuffinz the most. For example:

    - Super comfortable and mega chill.
    - Use of sustainable materials.
    - 100% organic cotton = no sweating because it absorbs sweat.
    - Fair production.
    - Cool designs and a fresh colors.
    - Favorite shorts after work, hang out, dayly business, sports etc.



It's summer and SHORTS time. So now is the right time to send your video and data until Monday 27.06. at the latest.

You do the rough, we do the fine:

We edit and dub the raw video and then send it to you for approval.


Please upload your images and videos via Google Drive or at This way your content will be as you created it without any loss of quality

Video Formats:

Gladly portrait

Rights & CO:

In addition, you will also be sent a form confirming that we may use the video as a promotional tool on social media and on our website.

Contact us:

Feel free to contact us at No matter when, if you have questions or need support.