Nuffinz x Levitation Arts

Nuffinz x Levitation Arts

Hello and welcome to Nuffinz x Levitation Arts!

Some of you might have seen it already: The two guys Ahmad Frenzel and André Cold Urban from Germany are now part of our Nuffinz Bazz Crew, yeah! Apart from being really stoked, it's time to introduce these very special movers, pioneers of action-packed live performances, and founders of Levitation Arts.

What makes these two so special? First: There are more than just these two. The Levitation Arts family also includes Ruben Fritz, Philipp Kopp and Maximilian Sturm. Together they are an international group of very close friends, all of whom are creative specialists who have movement in their blood. André Cold Urban, for example, is the German runner-up in tricking 2014, Ahmad Frenzel is a multiple winner of international tricking championships (tricking = creative mix of somersaults, kicks and spins as well as the combination of the mentioned elements).

Ahmad Frenzel

Levitation Arts: The beauty of human movement

"Above all, we want to inspire, that is our mission. Simply by spreading the beauty of human movement and the aesthetics of art. To do this, we bring together the world's most talented artists and create extraordinary performances", André tells us. "Movement – that is tricking, acrobatics, dance and martial arts. Combined with art these tools are extremely powerful for us." And we as Nuffinz now know, that they mean that very serious. Because when we stumbled upon some cool shots, flying dudes and exciting movement videos by Levitation Arts by chance (of course there are no coincidences in life, as we all know), we straight away knew: These guys fit Nuffinz like a glove! 

 André Cold Urban

From strangers to friends to Nuffinz Ambassadors

Just a few messages later (super nice and uncomplicated!) they suggested bringing some Nuffinz shorts on their next trip to Thailand and Cambodia and play the gallery. When we got the pictures and videos they made, it became clear to us: Nuffinz has once again brought us closer to people who have gone from strangers to friends (and at the same time to Nuffinz Ambassadors). Because Ahmad and André are not only incredibly talented but also have their hearts in the right place. They are crazy and creative, well connected and very friendly guys. Also, they are packed with both the right equipment and know-how.

In general: For us as a small but ambitious brand this is a wonderful collaboration – not only in terms of content but also personally. 

Ahmad Frenzel and André Cold Urban

In between all the madness: Focus, focus, focus!

Our first cooperation was only the beginning: Together we immediately planned the next prank - this time Levitation Arts x Nuffinz went to Spain! They created storyboards for us, planned everything in advance, packed up their crew and filmed and shot like crazy. Well, and as life goes: exactly during this trip the whole Corona-madness started. The crisis also put our friends from Levitation Arts in a completely new situation: Shutdowns, lockdowns and much more led to the whole team having to "escape" from Spain in a mad rush.

But even during this difficult time they didn't let themselves be put off and instead stuck to their plans, namely to put Nuffinz in its true light and to shoot crazy shots. We got the same result as in our first cooperation: Very cool shots that show us: Levitation Arts won't let anything or anyone get them down, no matter what. Currently, the guys are back in their home country and make the best of this crazy time: loose moves, hard training and planning the next prank in Germany with Nuffinz :-) 



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